Indoor Digital Billboard Network

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Dynamic Digital
NC 's Largest Indoor Digital Billboard Network 

DLB Multimedia is now an authorized dealer for Dynamic Digital
Indoor Digital Billboards/
Digital Menu Boards/Lobby Welcome Screens
This is an opportunity to experience one of the most cutting edge sources of innovative and affordable advertising. We understand that you are a small business  or organization and you may not be ready to take the next leap of faith into the world of 'Radio Advertising", let alone, Television Advertising.  You are on a tight budget, but at the same time you need to grow your business or organization! We now offer an opportunity to  advertise your business or organization in selective cities that covers over 175 high traffic retail/business establishments. This opportunity is only available in the following North Carolina Cities of the Raleigh/Wake Forest metro , Wilimington, Boone, Banner Elk and Blowing Rock)! This style of advertising is rapidly growing and provides an opportunity to invest on the ground level of an innovative and state of the art marketing and branding tool for your business.
  1. Option 1 (Host Establishment)
    We will install monitor(s) in your place of business or organization. This installation is absolutely "Free" of charge! The only cost to you will be a "One Time Graphics Fee" of $150 for your advertisement on our network. We will also place your advertisement in "4" additional locations for "Free" for "Six" months! (A $600 value).*must have 50-75 people daily
  2. Option 2 (Advertise)
    Currently, we have over 175 Ad screen locations. Most of our locations reside in your community. You can begin growing your business or organization by spending as little as $150 a month to advertise of high traffic locations! Depending upon your amount of advertising, your business or organization can be viewed by up to 500,000 captive consumers monthly!
  3. Creating The Brand
    This is the most important because your brand allows people to understand the message that you are trying to convey. Many need to know your product or services and why they need to enter into your business or organization!
  4. Digital Menu Boards
    Just started your business? Maybe your business has been established for many years. Revenue may not be at the appropriate level compared to the day you opened the business. Menu Board Logistics and Placement can provide a more modern and inviting look for your business. This is a great way to maximize revenue through featured items.